$550 to $1,500
Plus Shipping & Handling

We are able to build a wide variety of racks to fit your individual needs.

• Rack prices can range from $550 to $1500, depending on the specific needs for each rack system.

• Pricing is affected by hole spacing, frame size, sumo or standard frames and any additional add ons you may want.

 • Add ons include band pegs, weight holders, safety bar option, pull-up stations and much more.

• We aim to offer a fair price while allowing the features you want and can afford.

Looking to make your current rack system more versatile? Please check the rack attachments page to browse available items.


0% Interest Financing Available with Paypal Credit.


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Build-A-Rack Specs

Color: Black, powder coated. Colors available for additional fee.

Weight: Varies

Foot Print: Varies

Steel: 11 Gauge or heavier

All products are made in the USA.

Call or Text: 234-521-8616
Email: clubfitamerica@yahoo.com