Standard: $599
Plus Shipping & Handling
Rubber feet can be added for additional $100

Deluxe: $999
Plus Shipping & Handling

Easy to adjust and built like a tank, the GHD is a favorite among customers.

• Includes a comfortable split pad and easy-to-adjust foot pads.

• Adjustable in 1" increments both vertically and horizontally, making it simple to get the GHD in the proper position.

• Climbing onto the unit is accomplished easily and safely with a mounted foot plate.

• Equipped with band pegs, it's ready to be used for explosive training.

• Weight peg is available in back to hold unit down when performing a GHD sit-up. (No sand bags needed)

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GHD Specs

Color: Black, powder coated

Weight: N/A

Foot Print: N/A

Steel: 11 Gauge

Replacement pads available for purchase.

All products are made in the USA.

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