Replacement Bench Pad

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Tired of using an old, beat up bench pad?
We offer replacement pads that feature anti-slide vinyl and webbing on the sides.


• Perfect for those of you with a good bench but not a good pad.


• Made with ¾" ply wood, simply lag the new pad to your current bench.

• Choose between a 10" or 12" wide pad (please contact us if you're interested in purchasing the 10" version).

Please note that the small seat pad (pictured left) is not included with the standard replacement pad but is available for an additional fee.

Orders process immediately and will typically arrive 2-3 weeks after purchase.


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Replacement Bench Pad Specs

Color: Black, anti-slide vinyl

Weight: 15 lbs

Foot Print: N/A

Steel: N/A

All products are made in the USA.

Shipping Policy

Call or Text: 234-521-8616