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​The Standard Belt Squat is a great addition to any commercial training facility or home gym.


• Easily adjustable, providing a full range of motion.

• Allows the user to focus solely on training legs without putting pressure on the back.

• Includes one medium-sized belt. There are four belt sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, and XL.

• Add-ons, such as a row handle, weight storage, and band pegs, are also available for this unit. Please contact us for pricing.

What's the difference between the Basic and Standard Belt Squat?
1. On the basic unit, weight loads closer to the center, generating more leverage during use. Because of this leverage factor, more plates are required to reach true weight. On the standard unit, plates load closer to the user, eliminating some of the leverage, which requires less plates to reach true weight.

2. The Standard unit includes additional front handles, providing extra hand placement.

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Standard Belt Squat

Standard Belt Squat Specs

Color: Black, powder coated (Other colors available by request for an additional fee)

Weight: 200 lbs

Footprint: Pictures show unit on a 6 ft x 4 ft mat

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